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Success at the Bay View Jazz Fest!

Success at the Bay View Jazz Fest!

W/Carlos Adames, Tony Ayala, Elias Holman, Rodrigo Vilanueava, and Conway Powell at the Studio Lounge MKE



I met Rodrigo Villanueva when I was in high school.  He told me to come to NIU and talk to him if I was still playing music when I was older.  8 years later and we’ve both been called to play on the same gig as special guest with the Carlos Adames group! I hope I see everyone out at the Bay View Jazz Fest! Come check us out June 6th 6:30 at the Studio Lounge MKE!!!!



I’ve been collecting acoustic instruments for a while so I can have all of them for my band. We just got this great 1970’s Spinet piano in the house.  Matt Wilson and I rolled it 16 blocks through Riverwest to get it in!

Time to blow the dust of my website!

Been so busy with music and the farm here in Milwaukee, I’ve noticed some positive changes lately.  I’ve been making music decisions more based on the people I want to work with and how much fun we have doing it, versus how much money we’ll make and how full the house is.  Don’t get me wrong, full houses are important, but we can more or less relax for now. Futureporn at the jazz estate has been killing it every Tuesday night, with Maurice Liddel on drums, Evan Paydon on bass, Kenny Riechert on guitar and Terry Harris JR. on piano respectively. It’s turning into a great mix of old Chicken fans, new Futureporn fans, and local musicians who wanto come down and check out the scene.   Image

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FuturePorn is BORN

FuturePorn is BORN

Every tuesday Night at the jazz estate 2324 n murray ave! 10:30 pm improvised funk, drink specails all the good stuff!!!