Jay Anderson is a paradox: a Jazz musician who doesn’t call himself a Jazz musician. At just 24 years old, Anderson is becoming known as Milwaukee’s 21st Century Renaissance Man. An accomplished chef, Jay is also an organic farmer who has raised everything from bees and livestock to commercial food crops. He currently cultivates chiles for Man’s Best Friend Sauce(Mbf Sauces), a local hot sauce company.
But Anderson delivers the real spice and heat to Milwaukee through his passion for music. Just as new artists such as Kamasi Washington are bringing Jazz to a new generation of fans throughout the country and the world, Anderson is doing that on a local level in Milwaukee. He has become one of the city’s most prolific and hardest working musicians and leads three Milwaukee bands: Foreign Goods, Black&Mad, and Stomata while being a Important Contributor and member of New Age Narcissism – NAN. He’s the Resident Saxophonist for the Milwaukee Art Museum and also held a year-long residency at the The Jazz Estate.
Although his passion for Jazz in undeniable, Anderson doesn’t claim to be a strictly Jazz musician, preferring to be called a “Black American Artist.” He incorporates Jazz into other genres, including Hip Hop and Rock, making his work as both a performer and producer a hot commodity in the Milwaukee music scene. He has collaborated and recorded with a variety of local artists, from electronic producer Strehlow of Noh Life to the Post Punk group The Fatty Acids and the intense hip hop of Lorde Freddee. And he’s shared the stage with national acts including The Roots, Flaming Lips, and Lupe Fiasco.
His 10-piece group Foreign Goods – which blends Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul and Afro-Beat – is just over a year old but has already headlined some of the city’s most respected music festivals. Foreign Goods recently released their Live EP, “Coronation” on Gloss Records (GGOOLLDD, Platinum Boys) and is currently working on its debut album. While he’s juggling a dozen other studio projects, Anderson’s Stomata – an Experimental Jazz Trio – has finished its freshman Jazz album which will be announced soon.
When Anderson’s not on stage, he works tirelessly to improve Milwaukee’s music scene. He’s the creator/curator of the Jazz Supper Club series at Company Brewing, where some of city’s best Jazz musicians perform weekly and at special events. A recent tribute to Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Tupac Shakur and Andre 3000 raised $1000 for TruSkools, an urban art after-school program. Anderson also co-founded and co-curated the three-day Strange Fruit Music Festival, which addressed the racial unrest in Milwaukee. He plans to release a video album of the festival in the Spring of 2017
In the past year alone, Anderson has been featured in Milwaukee Magazine(https://www.milwaukeemag.com/…/hitting-high-notes-jay-ande…/), Milwaukee Record (http://milwaukeerecord.com/…/on-the-record-episode-74-milw…/) , the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel(http://www.jsonline.com/…/sound-check-foreign-goo…/90319800/) (http://www.jsonline.com/…/milwaukee-musicians-res…/89731160/)
, and other publications(http://urbanmilwaukee.com/…/profile-the-musical-journey-of…/).
– Tarik Moody



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